Welcome Danielle Hamilton, Interim Director of Vox Panacea Online

We are thrilled to welcome Danielle Hamilton, current Phoenix singer, as our interim director for Vox Panacea online. Danielle will be directing the seven-week online session beginning on March 29 and running until May 10.

Vox Panacea is a non-audition physician’s choir that offers both in-person and online sessions. The online choir is open to treble-voiced physicians anywhere in the country and is a wonderful opportunity to for physicians to sing with their community.

Danielle Hamilton, an accomplished musical director, has spent 30 years honing her craft. With a passion for music that started at a young age Danielle completed an Associates Degree in Royal Conservatory Piano (ARCT). Danielle also studied music at Capilano University with a major in Voice performance. She went on to complete her teaching degree at UBC after gaining some performance experience. Danielle began her performance career working with some of the top industry professionals in Musical theatre performing both on Broadway and as a Disney Performer. She quickly gained a reputation for her ability to bring out the best in every performer and create unforgettable musical experiences for audiences.

Over the years, Danielle has worked on a wide range of musical projects, including performing in 15 Musicals and Directing 21 as the Musical Director. Her ability to collaborate with musicians, composers, and other artists has made her a valued member of any creative team.

In addition to her work as a musical director, Danielle is also an accomplished Vocalist. Over the years she has sung with Phoenix Chamber Choir, Capilano Singers and Nite Cap. Her solo abilities have been instrumental in her ability to lead Choirs with a strong vocal presence.

Danielle is a firm believer in the transformative power of music, and she is dedicated to sharing that power with others. Danielle has taught High school Music at South Delta Secondary School for 20 years, and is always eager to help aspiring musicians develop their skills and achieve their goals.

Whether leading an Orchestra or a Choir, Danielle brings a level of passion, energy, and expertise that will be sure to engage both performers and audiences. Her love of music is infectious, and her ability to inspire performers and audiences alike is something she takes great pride in.