As a choir that has been dedicated to creating music together for nearly four decades, we believe music holds value, beauty, insight, and emotion that is hardly able to be captured by any other medium. Phoenix is an intergenerational, vocationally-diverse group of vocalists that share one key thing in common: a love for singing together. We cherish the power that music has to create community and family-like bonds, which is why you will often hear us refer to ourselves as the Phoenix Family. This family exists to share our talent with everyone, and yet we need you to help make that possible. 

A gift to Phoenix allows us to continue to create and share music with you. 

A gift to Phoenix enables us to take care of our staff and provide developmental opportunities for our singers. 

A gift to Phoenix sustains the value of choral music and creating harmony together in our community for years to come.

A Special Ask in Light of COVID-19

As our local Vancouver community and broad global choral community stares into the eyes of the impact of the novel coronavirus, we want to ensure that in times of joy and in times of sorrow that we can continue to offer beauty and hope to our communities through the gift of choral music. Though we have had to cut our recent season short due to the current public health concern, Phoenix has ardently continued to pay all of its contractors, including our artistic staff. 

It is our wish that in this season of uncertainty and unknown, that you will join us by investing in the future of the local arts through Phoenix and our singers.

The Phoenix Family is stronger than a virus, and we believe the power of music is stronger than even a global pandemic. Though we are no more immune to the threat of such an aggressor, we also believe in the important community we have created over the decades to sustain us during this time.

Thank you Phoenix friends!

Phoenix would like to thank all of our donors from our last two seasons.


Matthew Barrie
Patricia Birch
Joelle Bradley
Kari Chastko
Janis Emberly
Frances Farrell
Petr Hanak
Richard Hollins
Tom & Karen Lane
Terry McColl
Martin McLaren
James Milross
Helga Murray
Kalaya Nilson
James & Susan Olsen
Stephen Palmer
In memory of Lilie Patenaude
Marion Pearson
Sandra Schinnerl
Peta Shiau
Stanis Smith
Saskia Vermeulen
Cathy Weseluck
The Rev. Ronald & Mrs. Pat Wickens
Emily Zuidema


Margaret Alton
Nicholle Andrews
Oliver Dalton
Brian Day
Mary A Emmett
James Cupples
Leslie Gray
Robert Hollins
Georgina Kyle
Elenora McGhee
Joy Neufeld
Barbara Paul
Patty Ripley
Maia Smith
Lynn Toews
Shannon Thue Pigott

Marion Pearson & Jim Orr Fund


Brian Gfroerer
Graeme Langager
Heather Toews


Andrew Bortz
Michael & Marlene Chauvin
Vaughn Chauvin
David Cousins
Leanne & Bob Dalton
Brian Day
Ed Duda
Janet Nordstrand
Erica Northcott
Rod & Myrna Pearce
Wim Vermeulen

Monthly Donors

Emily Zuidema