As a choir that has been dedicated to creating music together for nearly four decades, we believe music holds value, beauty, insight, and emotion that is hardly able to be captured by any other medium. Phoenix is an intergenerational, vocationally-diverse group of vocalists that share one key thing in common: a love for singing together. We cherish the power that music has to create community and family-like bonds, which is why you will often hear us refer to ourselves as the Phoenix Family. This family exists to share our talent with everyone, and yet we need you to help make that possible. 

  • A gift to Phoenix allows us to continue to create and share music with you. 
  • A gift to Phoenix enables us to take care of our staff and provide developmental opportunities for our singers. 
  • A gift to Phoenix sustains the value of choral music and creating harmony together in our community for years to come.

Become a Phoenix Founder

Giving monthly is a small, sustainable way of investing in Phoenix’s long-term impact.

  • Join at $25 / month now, you will be the first to receive special updates and offers on future ticket sales and so forth, as well as a complimentary of copy of Phoenix’s next album.
  • Join at $50 / month, you will receive special offers as well as Phoenix’s next album, and two complimentary tickets to one of Phoenix’s concerts in the 2022-2023 season.
  • Join at $100/ month or more, you will receive special offers, Phoenix’s next album, as a complimentary season subscription to Phoenix’s 2022-2023 season. 

If you are interested in learning how to set up your monthly donation through Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR), please email

Phoenix Chamber Choir is a registered non-profit organization

Charitable Registration # 889906392 RR0001

**Please note, as of Jan 1st, 2021 we will only issue tax receipts for donations over $25 CAD. Exceptions can be made by request, please contact

Thank you Phoenix friends!

Phoenix would like to thank all of our donors from 2020


Allan McGirr
Allison Ye
Alvin Lau
Andrew Fitzgerald
Anndraya Luui
Anthony Farr
Anthony Kubien
Barbara Maxey
Barry Koehler
Benjamin Scoten
Bernice Wylie
Bev Bowler
Bill Marshall
Bruce McAndless-Davis
Cara Lau
Carol Loula
Catherine Campolin
Charlene Miller
Charles Simmons
Cherrie Deschenes
Chien-Hung Chen
Christiana Leonard
Christine Matthews
Clementine Tang
Cliff Young
Dale Owen
danette dawkin
Darby Honeyman
David Northcott
Deborah Jepson
Denise Harrison
Donald Salter
Edward Stringer
Elaine Sawyer
Elisabeth Rathbun
Elizabeth Kreiter
Elizabeth Sponholtz
Ellen Tsai
Emily Heyerdahl
Fran Inman
Gigi Wong
Gillian Shiau
Gretchen & Rand Pigott
Hal and Paula Levy


Heather Kennedy
Heather Remacle
Hilary Kitson
James Wright
Jan Berney
Jane Hansell
Jane Hofer
Janet Allwork
Janet Martin
Janet Nordstrand
Janice Penner
Janis Clark
Jeff Norris
Jeffrey Asher
Jennifer Condie
Jennifer Leong
Joan Bivin
Johanna Schade
John McBain
John Sims
JP Christy
Julie Strassburger
Justin Yap
Karen Lines
Karen O’Brien
Kari Chastko
Kelly Jenner
Ken Briers
Kevin Cripanuk
Kirsten Hagemoen
Kristina Faulkner
Laura Castaldo
Lauren Estes
Lawrence Yang
Lesley Scott
Leslie Gray
Leslie Limmer
Lillian Rafii
Linda Damore
Lorraine Reinhardt
Lou Rocha
Marion Kirk
Marion Smith
Marsha Klinger


Mary Ann Shope
Mel Edwards
Michael Copland
Mike Dover
Morna Edmundson
Nathan Zuidema
Neri Tischler
Nora Tseng
Nyna Hill
Olivia Selig
P.R. Ottie
Patricia Berghuis-Reinders
Patricia Birch
Paul Clarke
Paula Burke
Peter Vik
Raymond Skrebutenas
Richard Lane
Richard Simpson
Rob Hollins
Robert Hull
Roger Eastwood
Sabina Harpe
Sallie Riggs
Sally O’Neil
Sandra Hughes
Sandra Lee
Sandra Schinnerl
Sarah Freedman
Sarah Lana
Shelley Artuso
Shelly Hendricks
Simon Baxter
Stan Zisk
Stella Atmadja
Susan Robinson
Thomas Kelly
Tim Curley
Tina Shepherd
Tony Gao
Vanessa Ling
Wendelyn Wallace
William Vermeulen
William Welch


Erica Northcott
Joy Neufeld
Kathleen Moncrieff
Marion Pearson and Jim Orr Fund
Martin McLaren
Nicholle Andrews
Paul Carter
Peta Shiau
Shannon Pigott
Steve Mickley


Eva Close
Helen Zuidema
Myrna Pearce


Bob and Leanne Dalton
David Cousins
Harald and Heidi Hendess
McGrane Pearson Foundation
Michael and Marlene Chauvin
Roderick L. Pearce Law Corporation
Vaughn Chauvin and Carolyn Shiau

Phoenix Founders

Anne Howe
Barbara Paul
Ed Duda
Emily Zuidema
May Chow
Tom Metzger

Thank you to our Funders and Sponsors

Phoenix would like to thank the organizations who have supported our work this season, and who provide ongoing support for our operations and programs

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