Vox Panacea



Vox Panacea began as an online choir under the direction of Pippa Andrew during the pandemic as a way for physicians to destress after a long day. Since its inception in 2019, Vox Panacea has produced more than a dozen virtual choir videos projects and performed live at the Canadian Women In Medicine Conference in June 2022.

This season, we are thrilled to announce the continuation of the online virtual video projects and the launch of an in-person choir. Both the in-person and online choirs are non-audition choirs, open to all soprano-alto voiced physicians, including trans and non-binary individuals.

A little behind the name: “Panacea” is the Greek goddess of universal remedy, daughter of Asclepius (God of Medicine) and Epione (personification of the care needed for recovery). “Vox” of course is Latin for voice or “voice of the people.”


Frances Roberts

Interim In-Person Director

Frances Roberts has spent the past thirty two years teaching secondary choral music at Argyle Secondary, North Vancouver where she directed 2 concert choirs, a chamber choir, 2 vocal jazz ensembles and a strings ensemble. She is also on faculty at the West Coast Amateur Musicians Family Summer Camp at Quest University. In the fall of 2022 Frances assumed the role of professor, teaching the Secondary Choral Pedagogy course at UBC in the faculty of Music Education.

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Danielle Hamilton

Interim Online Director

Danielle Hamilton, an accomplished musical director, has spent 30 years honing her craft. With a passion for music that started at a young age Danielle completed an Associates Degree in Royal Conservatory Piano (ARCT). Danielle also studied music at Capilano University with a major in Voice performance. She went on to complete her teaching degree at UBC after gaining some performance experience. Danielle began her performance career working with some of the top industry professionals in Musical theatre performing both on Broadway and as a Disney Performer. She quickly gained a reputation for her ability to bring out the best in every performer and create unforgettable musical experiences for audiences.

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2023-2024 Registration Opens This Summer

Please check back in August 2023 for details on our 2023-2024 season, or email drchoir@phoenixchoir.com to be added to the Vox Panacea mailing list.

In-Person Choir

A non-audition, in-person choir for treble-voiced physicians.

This Season Vox Panacea In-Person Choir will be singing beautiful accompanied and a cappella music of diverse genres from around the world including pop, soul, jazz, folk, traditional and classical repertoire, specifically selected for the unique voices and skills of the group.  Singers will also learn vocal technique and musicianship through fun games and exercises.

We invite you to join us for the second half of our spring term, running from February 27 – May 1 with a concert on Sunday, May 7, under the direction of our interim director, Frances Roberts.

Online Choir

A non-audition, online choir for treble-voiced physicians, creating virtual choir videos.

Each online session, singers will make one virtual choir video, learn additional songs, and work on vocal technique and musicianship through fun games and exercises.

All online choir rehearsals will be live on Zoom and recorded for asynchronous viewing

Vox Panacea is Directed by Pippa Andrew, MA (she/her)

Learn more about Pippa at her website: http://www.pippaandrew.com/

For queries, please email drchoir@phoenixchoir.com