Job Opportunity: Interim Director, Vox Panacea

Vox Panacea 

Seeking: Interim Director 

Applications close January 15, 2023


Vox Panacea, treble voice physician choir, seeks inspiring Interim Director(s) for period Feb 27-May 7, 2023, with two week break March 13-24. 


About Vox…

Vox Panacea is part of the Phoenix Chamber Choir Family. The group was established as an online choir during the pandemic, as a way for physicians to destress after a long day. Since its inception in 2019, Vox Panacea has grown into a joyful community of dedicated singers, produced more than a dozen virtual choir videos and performed live at multiple concerts, including the Canadian Women In Medicine Conference 2022.


This Season, Vox Panacea has continued its well-loved online video projects and expanded to launch an in-person choir in Vancouver. Both the in-person and online groups are non-audition choirs, open to all soprano-alto voiced medical doctors, including trans and non-binary individuals. Each group currently has around 20 voices and achieves a high standard of performance by providing an inclusive, fun and engaging environment for singers. Both groups’ repertoire spans pop, soul, jazz, world music, folk and classical, closely working with Phoenix Chamber Choir on concerts throughout the Season. 


Vox Panacea “In-Person” rehearses at 7-8:30pm every Monday in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver. The group will prepare a short set for performance in Phoenix Chamber Choir‘s concert on May 7th


Vox Panacea “Online” rehearses at 7:30-8:30pm on Wednesdays, via Zoom, and produces virtual choir videos. This group’s rehearsals must remain on Wednesdays but project dates and deadlines can be adapted to an Interim Director.


Accepting Director applications for one or both choirs. Competitive compensation, commensurate with experience. To learn more about Vox Panacea, please visit


To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter detailing 

  • your relevant experience
  • why you’re interested in working with the group
  • any questions

to by January 15, 2023


We’re looking for a Director(s) with…


  • Strong leadership skills
  • An infectious passion for music and ongoing learning
  • A graduate degree in music
  • Several years professional choir leading and vocal coaching experience, including experience as a community choir leader
  • Ability to plan and deliver fun and engaging weekly rehearsals
  • Ability to work quickly in aural and written music traditions, including sight reading skills
  • Ability to play an instrument to fluently demonstrate and teach parts in rehearsal
  • Ability to plan and adapt rehearsals to cater for a variety of musical and vocal abilities
  • Knowledge of a variety of vocal styles and musical genres
  • Mastery of and ability to teach healthy vocal technique
  • Ability to select appropriate and engaging repertoire, inline with themes for concert themes
  • Experience working in a collaborative team environment
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Exceptional social and communication skills and community mindset;
  • Ability to work within electronic mediums: email, social media, recording technologies, arranging technologies, etc. 
  • For the “Online” choir: ability to teach via Zoom, technology and production skills