Introducing the “Hatchlings” program!

We’re thrilled to introduce an exciting new program for families – a unique opportunity to enjoy our concerts stress-free! This program’s goal is to inspire entire families to register and bring their children along, eliminating the need for finding a babysitter.

Here’s how it works:

  • Children will spend the first 10 minutes of the concert seated with their families
  • Afterward, they will be cared for by our dedicated Hatchlings experts in a supervised setting within the same venue as the concert, where they will play musical games and learn a piece of music
  • Towards the end of the concert, the children will return to perform their piece on stage with Phoenix

Our goal is to allow parents to fully immerse themselves in the performance, and provide an even more enriching musical experience for the whole family.


For families considering Hatchlings, the registered ticket price for Hatchlings (children 5 to 12 years old) is set at $10, ensuring an affordable and inclusive experience for families.

Please note that adults are required to purchase a full-price ticket for their own admittance – the adult ticket is not included in the Hatchlings ticket.

If a slightly older child (13-14) would like to participate as a mentor to younger singers, we welcome their leadership; they may purchase Hatchlings tickets and engage in the rehearsal process with a focus on setting a positive example and helping their younger peers.

The Hatchlings program is now available for purchase for our March and May concerts. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at


Meet Carrie Taylor, the Educator for March 2, 2024

We asked Carrie to share a bit about herself and her plans for the Hatchlings:


1. Tell us a little about yourself

I did my music degree on flute and tried to avoid doing anything choral as much as possible. Then I got my very first teaching job and, on the very first day, seven grade 8 girls asked me to start a choir. Once they started singing together I was hooked, and I’ve since spent the rest of my career immersing myself in every possible professional growth opportunity to learn what I can about the voice and working with a choral ensemble. After 35 years, I think I have figured out some things about choir, but in my heart the part I love the most will always be about using music to connect and help young people. Currently, I teach at Burnaby Central Secondary where I direct 5 choirs; I am also a co-founder and director of Vivo Children’s Choir; I am the Provincial Honour choir coordinator; I direct the Burnaby chapter of MYVoice (a program sponsored by Chor Leoni for tenor bass youth); and I am the educational consultant for Chor Leoni.

2. What inspired you to become part of the Hatchling program?

I had heard wonderful things about Nicholle [Phoenix Artistic Director] from the Phoenix singers and the choral community. When Victor Burke [Phoenix Production Manager] approached me about the project, I thought Nicholle’s idea was brilliant and wanted to be a part of it.

3. What would you like a Hatchling to experience?

Most importantly, I want these singers to have fun singing with each other. I want them to make new friends, learn a new song, and enjoy sharing that song with an audience. (With any luck, while having fun making music together, we will also get some musical concepts and vocal techniques into them – maybe without them even noticing!)


We hope Hatchlings will add an extra layer of enjoyment to your future concert experiences!