Canadian Physician’s Virtual Choir #2!

In December 2020, Phoenix Chamber Choir premiered an amazing video with over 200 physicians performing virtual together. The Canadian Physician’s Virtual Choir performance of “Ordinary Day” has become not only a viral sensation, but an inspiration to people across Canada and around the world.

For so many physicians, choral singing is a place to forget about the worries of the day and just breathe and do something creative.  The added advantage of singing in your living room (or call-room!) and the fact that no one else in the rehearsal can hear you, is liberating – especially for those who have not sung in a choir for many years!

Be part of the second

Canadian Physicians Virtual Choir Project!

The piece we have selected is “Who Do You Love?” from the Canadian pop rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia,  Marianas Trench.  The members of Marianas Trench have given us permission to showcase their music and are excited to see this come together!

We are looking for physicians from all across Canada to bring their voices and talents together in this virtual choir!  Each participant will receive the following:

  • Sheet music (PDF) for vocal parts (Melody, Harmony 1, and Harmony 2).
  • Audio learning tracks for different voice parts.
  • Two 1-hour online rehearsals in March 2021 with Dr. Nicholle Andrews to help learn the music and record individual audio tracks.  These sessions will be recorded and made available afterward.
  • Additional coaching on the filming of individual videos or photos for submission by Monday, March 29, 2021

If you are shy to sing but would feel more comfortable at a musical instrument, we can also provide coaching to be part of the video by playing your instrument!

Once the audio and video tracks are recorded, they will be submitted to a sound engineer and video engineer to create the final video project.  The final video will be released on YouTube for free access and as a promotion request for donations to a charity (or charities) to be selected by the participating physicians.

The participant fee is $50 to cover the costs of music licensing, sound and video editing, and administration of the project. 

Registration is now Closed.

We look forward to sharing new projects with you in the future, so keep checking back!