Phoenix Gives Back: Christmas Sock Drive

When artistic director, Dr. Nicholle Andrews kicks off her shoes before beginning a Phoenix rehearsal, the singers chuckle perhaps, but think little of it.

Yet this small habit, now acquired as part of the Phoenix fabric, has inspired a bigger vision for giving back this holiday season.

Warm socks, however basic, are a privilege. It’s no secret that in Vancouver, the winters are cold and damp and too many people do not have access to warm, dry socks. Phoenix as a community values giving back and doing our part to ensure our whole community is thriving. 

Because of this, we are partnering with First United Church Community Ministry Society and Atira Women’s Resource Society to provide socks for folks in our city who may need them this winter. 

We are inviting all audience members to bring a warm pair of socks* to either of our Christmas concerts on December 14 or 15, and receive a $5 discount off of your ticket. The choir and conductors alike are excited to all be singing without shoes at those performances, to draw attention to the cause and hopefully inspire some festive cheer. All socks will be donated to First United and Atira the week following the concerts.

To redeem the offer (and to promise to bring a pair of socks!) enter promo code “SOCKS” at checkout. Unfortunately this discount code is incompatible with other discounts, but we still invite you to join us in giving generously this Christmas. 

Thank you in advance and we cannot wait to see you soon.

*or two, or as many as you would like, though only one discount will be applied