Following the success of our pilot project last summer, Phoenix has launched a new outreach program:

Vox Panacea

Are you a treble-voiced physician who loves to sing but doesn’t have time or opportunity to join a choir? Are you looking for a way to connect with other physicians, destress after a long day, and make some music? Do you want something you can do with your kids (or an excuse to send your kids to bed and do something for yourself) from the comfort of your own home (or the on-call room, or your office, or your car!)? Phoenix is welcoming all soprano-alto voices, including trans and non-binary individuals, to join our newest project:

Welcome to Vox Panacea, Phoenix’s Online Doctor Choir!

A little behind the name: “Panacea” is the Greek goddess of universal remedy, daughter of Asclepius (God of Medicine) and Epione (personification of the care needed for recovery). “Vox” of course is Latin for voice or “voice of the people.”


Weekly Wednesday evening rehearsals will be held on Zoom from 7:30 – 8:30pm. Each session will be 6-weeks long, each with a separate registration fee and repertoire, and each ending with the recording of a piece that will be included in a Phoenix Online Concert.

Session 1 – Completed

Session 2 – Completed

Session 3 – Completed

Session 4 – Completed

Session 5 – In Progress


Fees are $90 for each session ($15/rehearsal) which covers the repertoire purchase, sound engineering for the recordings, video editing for the final concert video, administration of the choir, and artistic direction and conducting.


For queries, please email [email protected]


Vox Panacea is Directed by Pippa Andrew, MA (she/her)

Learn more about Pippa at her website: