Phoenix Chamber Choir faced the same excruciating decisions and circumstances of choirs worldwide in 2020 and 2021, and when mere survival was the goal, we thrived. Several virtual choir parodies and successful virtual events put Phoenix on the global stage; and the anguish of political strife, the grief of the pandemic, and the spotlight on racial injustice called us to double down on our values and purpose as a group looking to bring light into the world through music.

We are so excited to build on this and bring you more this fall in our 2021-2022 season:



The season will include several performances, a tour to Ottawa and Montreal, and will explore deep, complex issues in the way that only music can. Phoenix has proudly commissioned several premieres by a diverse array of composers from across North America to be featured in each concert. We hopefully invite you to experience the power of choral music in both message and experience, whether you are a newcomer or a longtime Phoenix friend.

“As we look toward our new season titled ‘Emerge, a Season of Premieres,’ I am confident that collectively we are going to experience many ‘firsts’,” said Phoenix Artistic Director, Dr. Nicholle Andrews. “During the pandemic we were afforded the opportunity to reflect, both personally and as an organization, and allow ourselves the time to ask who we are and what is our purpose.”

We will perform three concerts in Vancouver before taking our final performance on the road in July 2022. In-person concerts will follow all provincial health guidelines according to the season they happen, but we are elated at the prospect of seeing actual faces light up at the sound of live voices. We remain committed to offering virtual experiences to the Phoenix global audience as well.

‘Passions’ will feature repertoire performed with the intention to evoke a passionate emotional response in both the performer and listener. The world premiere of a commissioned work by Canadian composer Alex Eddington will highlight the collaborative nature of Phoenix.

‘Lux’ will bring light into your holiday season. Performing music from around the world, this concert will also feature the world premiere of a commissioned work by Canadian composer Laura Hawley.

‘Evolve’ will bring the audience on a walk through history. From the music of Hildegard von Bingen to the world premiered of a commissioned work by Haitian/ American composer Sydney Guillaume, Canadian composer Katerina Gimon and the winner of our first Student Composition Competition, Timothy Cunningham, the repertoire will demonstrate how music has both evolved throughout history and composers have paved the way to challenge the performers, the listener and society.

Voyager: our Phoenix Family will embark on a tour to Montreal and Ottawa where we will share the music of our 2021/2022 season.”


Tickets and season subscriptions will be available September 1.