Phoenix is excited to welcome Lucas Brown as our new production manager, who started with the team earlier this month.

As usual when we welcome new team members, we want to give our audience the opportunity to put a name to a face and get to know the person behind the headshot. Enjoy our Q & A with Lucas below.

Welcome to the Phoenix Family, Lucas!

Tell us a bit about what led you to the Phoenix Production Manager role. How does this fit in with your background and skillset?

Most of my professional background is in commercial aviation. I started as a flight attendant and served in various roles before jumping to management. In some ways, the Production Manager role doesn’t fit with my background at all. But getting a plane off the ground is one heck of a production. There are countless moving parts. Commercial flights also have a performative aspect to them – that certain quality of suspending reality for a bit to be transported. Having overseen that experience thousands of times, facilitating experiences where audiences can suspend reality for a bit to be transported feels exactly like what I’ve done for years.

How can the Phoenix audience expect to see you/ hear from you in the next year?

With it being a less traditional year, we are still trying to figure some of that out. In short, my role will mostly be about taking care of event logistics. A lot of it happens behind the scenes so if I’m doing it well, you probably won’t notice me much. But there are a few places you may see me: 1) If something goes wrong during an event 2) If you volunteer to help out with set-up and/or tear-down for an in-person event that takes place as planned (thanks in advance!!), or 3) Somewhere in our digital concerts in a soon-to-be defined role. 

Do you have a background in the arts or music at all? Please share any relevant experiences or passions.

At the risk of sounding trite, I’m alive today because of choral music. High school was an exceptionally challenging time and the choir room was the only place I could be myself. I couldn’t sing when I first walked in. So I’ve been trying to make up for lost time ever since. I sang in Kokopelli after high school then studied vocal jazz at Phil Mattson’s school in Iowa. Since moving to Vancouver, I played baritone in the SFU concert band for a year, had the privilege of singing with Chor Leoni for four seasons, and Players and Singers for one. After 15 years of confusion, I’ve recently learned I’m not a bass. Through the expert help of Dr Jeanette Gallant, I’m currently retraining as a tenor.

What are you listening to these days? If we caught you with ear phones in, what would be playing? 

Right now my mix is probably three parts Ben Blatt, one part Voces8, one part Ólafur Arnalds, and a dash of whatever Spotify feeds me.

Tell us a bit more about Lucas as a person. What do you enjoy doing? Where are you from or what are any other fund or interesting facts about you?

I’m the sort of person who’s curious about everything. If someone would just pay me to read books for the rest of my life, that would be the dream. I grew up in Alberta and come from a long lineage of feuding hillbillies. Aside from Phoenix, my biggest time commitment is working as a caregiver for a local family with two very musical children. I volunteer with HIM and am almost finished certifying as a Pilates instructor. Other talents include: baking gluten-free muffins, beard growing, and snapping my fingers incomprehensibly loud. I once spent a month volunteering at an orangutan orphanage where I slept in a room infested with baby pythons. I once scrubbed in on a laryngectomy. I once (accidentally) crashed a honeymoon in Panamá.